Be the First to Know about the Launch of our Brand New Website and our self-help package that can support women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, particularly those who are not ready yet to engage with us.

Thanks to the fundings from The Tampon Tax Fund and the partnership between Comic Relief and the Department of Media Communication and Sport supporting our Breaking the Silence Initiative, we were able to fund the development of this brand new website and the self-help package giving you the resources that you need to help you in your journey towards recovery.

Thanks to your support and donations, together, we help women break free from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

With your help, Quetzal is able to provide Free Counselling Sessions to women aged 16 and above living in Leicester, Leicester and Rutland who are recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Quetzal is also able to nurture a community-based approach to raise awareness further about what individuals and communities can do to support women’s wellbeing in their communities.

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To support us Further, and ensuring our service remains free

A Big Thank you to all who participated in the outstanding Homeby10 Fest creative writing workshop delivered by Divya Ghelani and for your donations to support Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative. With your support, we’ve fundraised a total of £320 which will be used to raise further awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in South Asian Communities in Leicester.

Thank you Divya Ghelani for choosing to support Quetzal, organising the event as part of the Homeby10 Fest, and for planning and delivering such a great writing workshop. We are so grateful for such a great collaboration.

Finally, Many Thanks to Farhana Shaikh, organiser of the Homeby10 Fest, for organising and supporting the fundraising and for all the amazing work being done to support writers. The Homeby10 Fest is such a great platform for writers to enhance their skills by engaging with creative writing workshops, lectures and more that open their mind to new possibilities.

To attend the Homeby10 Fest and all their online creative workshop, click here

Marie from Quetzal was absolutely delighted by the experience and for the opportunity to introduce Quetzal’s Breaking the Silence Initiative at the start of the event. She wrote:

” Divya Ghelani creative writing workshop was an amazing experience for me who never attended a writing workshop before. The creative writing prompts were rich, inspiring, touching, mind-blowing. After each prompt and attempt to come up with a story, we had the chance to discuss with other participants what we came up with. The conversation during the exchange was priceless and flowing. The time flew by and now we have loads of drafted ideas to explore further.

I loved the last writing prompt connecting our work at Quetzal supporting women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the legend of the Quetzal. Divya invited us to imagine our favourite bird and what it feels like to be free and flying mid-air. What a beautiful way to close the workshop and bring forward our ultimate wish at Quetzal for the women we support: Freedom! from the psychological barriers caused by the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.”

Thanks to Quetzal and all our supporters, together, we are breaking the silence about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and we will keep working towards change

If you want to support, learn more about Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative or collaborate to raise further awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in South Asian Communities in Leicester, contact us now on

Have you noticed Quetzal is, slowly but surely transforming? Last week, Quetzal had a team day to support further changes. Do you know you can get involved too and support more women in their journey towards recovery from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse?

Last week, Quetzal women-only staff team had a team day to strenghten further Quetzal vision, mission and values and align their forces.

The day began with sharing inspirations from various organisations’ vision, mission and values and what we liked the most about their values. We also shared our results from completing the Myers Briggs questionnaire and discuss how learning about the different profiles can help in working more effectively as a team. After lunch, it was time to put our thinking cap and strenghten what Quetzal is about and what it means ultimately to leave by our values.

It was such a great day where everyone were so involved and passionate about their work and what Quetzal does to support adult female victims of childhood sexual abuse.

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While more than anything, Quetzal want a world where abuse and violence against children is eradicated, we know that more work need to be done at various levels of society for this to happen.

We are part of this wider scheme ensuring  victims of childhood sexual abuse can always find support in their recovery journey whenever they are ready and need it. If we contribute in small ways for female victims or  communities in Leicester, Leicestershrie and Rutland to use their voices to create further change in society, it would be one of many rewards. For us, still the most important thing is for women to have the tools to lead better lives.

You can get involved too in Quetzal transformation and work towards change

If you are an ex-client and want to be more involved in shaping Quetzal services, please contact us on – We will give you more information about the service users

Quetzal launched an Emergency Repair Appeal to fundraise £2,000 on Just Giving to support repairs after their building suffered serious water damage due to heavy rain.

Quetzal wants to reopen following the uplift of COVID-19 restrictions but have to put this on hold whilst we carry out repairs. Our insurance will only cover part of the cost of the repair so we need to raise funds to cover the shortfall.

Support us now by visiting our Just Giving page