A Big Thank you to all who participated in the outstanding Homeby10 Fest creative writing workshop delivered by Divya Ghelani and for your donations to support Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative. With your support, we’ve fundraised a total of £320 which will be used to raise further awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in South Asian Communities in Leicester.

Thank you Divya Ghelani for choosing to support Quetzal, organising the event as part of the Homeby10 Fest, and for planning and delivering such a great writing workshop. We are so grateful for such a great collaboration.

Finally, Many Thanks to Farhana Shaikh, organiser of the Homeby10 Fest, for organising and supporting the fundraising and for all the amazing work being done to support writers. The Homeby10 Fest is such a great platform for writers to enhance their skills by engaging with creative writing workshops, lectures and more that open their mind to new possibilities.

To attend the Homeby10 Fest and all their online creative workshop, click here

Marie from Quetzal was absolutely delighted by the experience and for the opportunity to introduce Quetzal’s Breaking the Silence Initiative at the start of the event. She wrote:

” Divya Ghelani creative writing workshop was an amazing experience for me who never attended a writing workshop before. The creative writing prompts were rich, inspiring, touching, mind-blowing. After each prompt and attempt to come up with a story, we had the chance to discuss with other participants what we came up with. The conversation during the exchange was priceless and flowing. The time flew by and now we have loads of drafted ideas to explore further.

I loved the last writing prompt connecting our work at Quetzal supporting women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the legend of the Quetzal. Divya invited us to imagine our favourite bird and what it feels like to be free and flying mid-air. What a beautiful way to close the workshop and bring forward our ultimate wish at Quetzal for the women we support: Freedom! from the psychological barriers caused by the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.”

Thanks to Quetzal and all our supporters, together, we are breaking the silence about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and we will keep working towards change

If you want to support, learn more about Quetzal Breaking the Silence Initiative or collaborate to raise further awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in South Asian Communities in Leicester, contact us now on media@quetzal.org.uk

The topic is:
What does mental health stigma look like for BAME women, especially those that have experienced trauma and abuse?
To attend the workshop, sign up on Eventbrite here.
Time To Change Leicester Hub is a partnership between Leicester City Council and Richmond Fellowship: Leicester Life Links. Together, they are committed to combatting mental health stigma in schools, homes and workplaces across Leicester. For more information, visit here
To share news about community effort to support women’s wellbeing in Leicester, please
  • visit Quetzal Voices , our community newsletter
  • send an article of information to media (at) quetzal.org.uk.  

We ask that written articles are up to 800 words long and while we may edit stories, it will always be with your consent and final approval. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will change your name accordingly. 

Looking forward to reading you soon 😉

Face Masks and Covering can be a triggering experience for individuals who experienced abuse. The Survivors Trust learnt this through their helpline and conducted a small survey. They found that a third of survivors who responded confirmed this.

The Survivors Trust created some tips and downloadable images for survivors who may not feel comfortable wearing a mask.

Visit the Survivors’ Trust website for the tips and downloadable images

People are not required to prove they are exempt. However, The Survivors Trust created the images below that people can save to their telephone or print out should they need them – they are available also on here

For translated information regarding wearing face covering, please visit WCAVA

We hope this information helps you during those uncertain times. Please share widely.