Be the First to Know about the Launch of our Brand New Website and our self-help package that can support women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, particularly those who are not ready yet to engage with us.

Thanks to the fundings from The Tampon Tax Fund and the partnership between Comic Relief and the Department of Media Communication and Sport supporting our Breaking the Silence Initiative, we were able to fund the development of this brand new website and the self-help package giving you the resources that you need to help you in your journey towards recovery.

Thanks to your support and donations, together, we help women break free from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

With your help, Quetzal is able to provide Free Counselling Sessions to women aged 16 and above living in Leicester, Leicester and Rutland who are recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Quetzal is also able to nurture a community-based approach to raise awareness further about what individuals and communities can do to support women’s wellbeing in their communities.

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Decentered Media

Marie Lefebvre from Quetzal went on the Decentered Media Podcast to discuss the Community Solutions for breaking the silence about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Click here to listen the podcast 

Quetzal delivers counselling services to support women in breaking the bars and psychological cages of the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. They are also in a path to raise further awareness about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and the value of counselling in South Asian communities in Leicester City using a community based approach through the Breaking the Silence Initiative.

Through the podcast, Marie described to John Coster and Dr Rob Watson, how through creative storytelling, each one of us in our own capacity can help in breaking the silence for people to eventually find their own voice in our society.

With the extended lockdown happening in Leicester, it is primordial than each of us find ways to communicate valuable information to people in our community that will support their mental and physical health, and to empower each one of us with strength to voice our needs and concerns.

At Quetzal, we hope by listening to the podcast, you’ll be inspired to share your story,contribute to and subscribe to Quetzal voices.

Together, we will amplify the voice and wishes of the community where every women and men who experienced abuse know that if they need and want to, they can access support.

Thanks to the Ministry of Justice’s COVID-19 Response Fund, The Survivors Trust has now a support line open 7 days a week to provide confidential advice, support and information to all survivors of rape or sexual abuse, supporters, and professionals. You can read more about it here.

If you require counselling support for non-recent abuse and you are a women aged 16 and above living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, please contact us.