Your help will support women who live with the impacts of childhood sexual abuse to start their journey towards recovery.

At Quetzal, we are a small team supporting the day-to-day operations. We also recruit and form volunteer counsellors who go on to deliver tailored therapeutic counselling sessions to women seeking to change their lives through counselling. That keep our costs down.

Yet, we need all the help we can get to remain the only specialised long-term counselling services for women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland.

So, whether you want to fundraise for us, volunteer for us or just choose one of the many ways to donate, your offer of help will be received with open arms.

The only people more grateful to you than the team at Quetzal, will be the women whose lives will change through counselling.

Please choose the ways to help that suits you best, please do it now. The queue of women waiting for your help is getting longer. Every year, more than 300 women contact Quetzal for support and this number is set to increase.

Ways to support include to:

Are you thinking about other ways to support Quetzal, Contact us