Have you noticed Quetzal is, slowly but surely transforming? Last week, Quetzal had a team day to support further changes. Do you know you can get involved too and support more women in their journey towards recovery from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse?

Last week, Quetzal women-only staff team had a team day to strenghten further Quetzal vision, mission and values and align their forces.

The day began with sharing inspirations from various organisations’ vision, mission and values and what we liked the most about their values. We also shared our results from completing the Myers Briggs questionnaire and discuss how learning about the different profiles can help in working more effectively as a team. After lunch, it was time to put our thinking cap and strenghten what Quetzal is about and what it means ultimately to leave by our values.

It was such a great day where everyone were so involved and passionate about their work and what Quetzal does to support adult female victims of childhood sexual abuse.

email us on media@quetzal.org.uk

While more than anything, Quetzal want a world where abuse and violence against children is eradicated, we know that more work need to be done at various levels of society for this to happen.

We are part of this wider scheme ensuringĀ  victims of childhood sexual abuse can always find support in their recovery journey whenever they are ready and need it. If we contribute in small ways for female victims orĀ  communities in Leicester, Leicestershrie and Rutland to use their voices to create further change in society, it would be one of many rewards. For us, still the most important thing is for women to have the tools to lead better lives.

You can get involved too in Quetzal transformation and work towards change

If you are an ex-client and want to be more involved in shaping Quetzal services, please contact us on media@quetzal.org.uk – We will give you more information about the service users

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