Take part in this Survey by the SARC a commissioned service focused on supporting victims of sexual assaults by clicking here:
Your participation will help improve the services by the SARC and support better victims of sexual assaults.

About the SARC

The SARC is a NHSE commissioned service that is focused on support of victims of sexual assaults rather than Law Enforcement. It is co-funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner of Leicestershire. There are also several organisations that work within the premises to provide the wide-range of support services the SARC offers.

The Manager for Juniper Lodge/SARC is a representative of the Controller: Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police. 

About the Survey

The purpose of carrying out this survey is to identify:

1. Why people do not wish to report a sexual offence to the Police

2. Why people disengage from the Police investigation once they have reported. 

These results will help to improve the services we offer at the SARC. Participation is voluntary and the responses you provide will be anonymous, meaning we will not be able to identify you.  You do not have to answer any questions that you do not feel comfortable to answer.

Whilst the Police are the Controllers of the data, this information is not collected or used for Law Enforcement. No information will be shared from SARC to Law Enforcement without your explicit permission. 

The results will be sent to the Research Bureau team at Leicestershire Police to analyse and will only be used for the purposes described.  

Complete the survey by clicking on the link here

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